Lit Nutritions Protein Matrix is a unique blended protein powder infused with whole plant hemp CBD. All this coupled with a digestive enzyme formula for better absorption.

The Science

Key Ingredients

Our NonDenatured Protein Blend is a high quality fast, medium, and slow digesting protein.

We use 4 different types of protein and pair it with an Anticatabolic Amino Blend keeping your body in an anabolic state longer, or as we say bringing When using this type of matrix, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) remains elevated for longer than when using just whey alone, and since MPS is responsible for strengthening and repairing muscle growth.

Adding a protein blend will be more beneficial to your growth and recovery. 

Our Digestive Enzyme Blend is made up of 4 key enzymes (Lactase, Bromelain, Amylase, Betain Anhydrous), that aid the body in breaking down and absorbing Protein Matrix.

  Ultimately what is the benefit of adding products to your diet if your body is going to not utilize them? That is why we use this formula to increase the bioavailability of our product making Lits Protein Matrix the ultimate in keeping your body recovering and going stronger longer! 


"Living your best life starts from the inside out. In order to put your best foot forward, you first have to build your best foot."  ​

- JOHN W. -

"If we don't teach our children about proper nutrition and health who will?"